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PostHeaderIcon How to read excel file in Python

The following Python program reads data from the spreadsheet.

Created on 15-Mar-2013

@author: Robin
from xlrd import open_workbook

def readWorksheet(sheetIO):
# Read row by row
for rownum in range(sheetIO.nrows):
rowValues = sheetIO.row_values(rownum)
rollNo = rowValues[0]
name = rowValues[1]
print rollNo, name

if __name__ == '__main__':
bookTestData = open_workbook("C:/pythontests/sample-spreadsheet.xls")
sheetIO = bookTestData.sheet_by_name('Sheet1')

In the above code, xlrd package is used for accessing the workbook. Note that the excel file should have the extension xls.

In the above example, the name of the excel file is sapmple-spreadsheet.xls. The name of the worksheet is Sheet1 and it has two columns namely, rollNo and name.