PostHeaderIcon Introduction To Chatbot

What is chatbot?

Chatbot stands for chatter robot. It is a computer program which has the ability to chat with human users. Audio or text can be used as medium of communication. The primary aim of writing these conversational programs is to have a powerful tool that chat in such a way that the human user cannot realize that he is talking to a software program. Chatbot programs are also referred to as Artificial Conversational Entities, talk bots, chatterbots and chatterboxes. It is Michael Mauldin who coined the term, chatterbot.

Creating a chatbot

To have a meaningful and intelligent conversation, intelligence, knowledge and linguistic skills are the basic requirements. So, Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing techniques should be heavily used. There are ready-made tools available to create chatbots online.

The Personality Forge is an AI platform that helps creating chatbots. It offers a scripting language known as AIScript. Personality Forge has an AI engine that integrates memory, emotion, knowledge, patterns and AIScript. It provides Chat Bot API, a simple RESTful Web Service API using JSON, to support integration of chat bots into any project including web applications, desktop applications, mobile apps, text messages, chat networks, and robots.